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The Founder & Designer Sanjuna Madonakendi started sketching and creating fashion at the age of 12, making styles using her mother’s scarfs. Her father discovered her talent then encouraged her to follow the dream of becoming a fashion designer.

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Sanjuna was graduated in Apparel Fashion Designing. Starting her career as a Junior Fashion Designer in 2011 for a Global Design Agency- since then working with major Luxury and Retail brands across Europe and the US. Her customised unique super luxury collections have been worn by many high-profile private clients in Mumbai, Dubai and London for the last decade.

Sanjuna says her inspirations comes from travelling. She lived briefly in Paris and worked closely with the local artisans and photographers before moving to London to pursue higher studies in Fashion. Sanjuna later Graduated with an MBA in Luxury brand management from London. Her Passion and attention to details makes her designs unique and stand out from the crowd.

Sanz Philosophy

Relationships First: Sanz believes in working directly with the designer helps you create a closer relationship with the things you wear every day. The joy of creating your own unique designs which fits your personality is our passion.

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